Who we are

Charlotte’s only locally-sourced, organic, vegan, prepared healthy food delivery service. We make it supremely easy for you to stock up on delicious meals that create vitality and peace of mind!

I make my living taking care of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. I'm concerned that as your business grows, mine will drop off! And your food is healthy and delicious!
~Thomas E. Parker, MD, Parker Internal Medicine

Our Food

Local farmers grow the most nutritious, organic & pesticide-free produce just for us, which we turn in to delicious and healthy entrees, salads, soups and sides just for you and your family.

As a regular Nourish customer, my body is finding its happy equilibrium. I'm more balanced, energized, healthier, and have lost 35 pounds without feeling restricted at all!
~Cristin Gregory, Wellbeing Natural Health, Cornelius, NC

Convenience & Peace of Mind

Simply order online, and within just a few days, we deliver your meals right to your home or office. Local, fresh, healthy, organic/pesticide-free, delicious and totally convenient!

Your food is changing our lives!

~Wendy Swanson, wife/mother/acupuncturist/owner, Be Yoga